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Rapid Dissolve Capsules

Rapid Dissolve TabletsRapid Dissolve capsules or tablets are a unique way to deliver your medication, that can be custom designed for you. These tablets or capsules are most often placed under your tongue to dissolve quickly. There are many benefits to taking medicine this way, such as; rapid uptake into your bloodstream, quick efficacy, do not require swallowing and specific dosages.

This quick and easy method of medication delivery is only offered by Medicine Chest Pharmacy in Bowmanville.  At our specialty compounding pharmacy, we have the ability to create these capsules and tablets specifically for your medical needs.

Though we can make this method of delivery for most medications, one specific area of men’s health is benefiting from rapid dissolve medications.  Erectile Dysfunction or ED is an area that does not always easily come up in conversation.  But using quick dissolve capsules or tablets we can create the same medication as all the big name brands that help with ED. With added benefits of rapid uptake and easy delivery.

If you have further questions please contact one of our pharmacists to discuss the options for you.

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